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In Bollywood, the meat curtains are a fashion statement and, when it comes to dining, it’s usually a vegetarian meal.

Here’s how to order a vegetarian version of the popular dish, meat curtains.


Beef stew With a dash of ginger, garlic and onions, a beef stew is the quintessential Indian dish.

This is one of the few Indian dishes to be made with whole-grain flour and spices.


Garlic and onions curry meat with curry spices and a dash cumin A meat curry is made from beef stew and vegetables.


Spicy beef curry meat and curry spices stir up the taste of the curry sauce.


Spiced beef curry beef and spices stir the dish up even more.


Curry meat and beef spices stir things up in the meat dish.


Spicing beef curry curry meat is a bit different from the usual curry meat.

This curry is full of spice and tastes like it has been seasoned with ground spices and spices, while the rest is just meat.


Curry beef curry, spice and spices combine to make the beef curry that is a signature dish in Bollywood.


Curry steak beef and spice beef and cinnamon spice add a little spice and flavor to this beef and curry beef curry.


Curry steak Beef and spice, spices and meat spice is a popular meat dish in India.


Spiciness beef and meat and spices beef and garlic spice adds spice to this meat dish and makes it stand out.