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We’ve all seen the headlines.

They tell us how a player or team has performed, or how a team is on the rise.

But what we don’t usually get to see is how a football club has done in the past week.

What we do see is the stats behind the headlines and a few key stats from the past four weeks to help us make an informed decision about a club.

The stats The first thing to understand is that the data we use to create our football stats is actually a very small subset of the actual game.

Our Football Power Index (FPI) is a measure of a club’s performance in a given match, using the most recent match data available and taking into account the amount of possession the club is likely to have in the next few minutes.

Our football team rating (FPL) is the number of points a club would score if they scored a goal in the game.

FPL is a more accurate reflection of a team’s overall performance, but it’s a much less useful measure of the performance of a specific team than FPI.

Our other stats are based on our match results, and are taken into account in order to give a more complete picture of the current performance of the football club.

For example, our goal difference statistic is based on how many goals each team scored compared to their opponents.

We then add the data from each match to give us a final result based on the score difference between the two sides.

It’s also important to note that the stats used to create these statistics are the same as the ones used to produce the Football Power index, which gives an accurate picture of a football team’s current form.

The first three numbers in our FPL graph are taken from the last two matches played in this week: Arsenal v Sunderland and Everton v Everton.

Arsenal started with a 5-1 victory over Sunderland, which was their second win of the season.

They then moved on to draw with Liverpool in the FA Cup quarter-final.

Everton finished the day 2-1 up over Southampton, but then drew against Aston Villa, who went on to win the Premier League.

The next day, Arsenal beat West Ham 2-0.

The final two matches of the week were also drawn, meaning they are the first two matches in the season that have been played so far.

The second three numbers come from the next four matches: Crystal Palace v Newcastle, Swansea City v Liverpool, Stoke City v Swansea City, and Southampton v Arsenal.

This means that Chelsea and Arsenal had a combined score of 17 goals, a record.

Newcastle won both of their games, while Swansea lost 2-3.

Stoke lost 2 and drew 0, while Southampton won 3-2.

Arsenal’s performance This was a big week for Arsenal.

They won their first match of the year, beating Crystal Palace 2-2 at home, then went on the road against Stoke City, Everton and Southampton, who all lost 2.

In total, they scored 14 goals.

In addition, they won all three of their Premier League matches, scoring 8 goals in all of them.

Their first win of 2017 was against Southampton, which is the first win for the Gunners since April 2015.

The Gunners have won their last three Premier League games against Southampton (3-0 and 3-0), losing only once in those matches.

Everton also lost 3-1 at home to Swansea City in the opening fixture of the new season, while Sunderland had a 1-0 win over Stoke City.

Liverpool also beat Swansea City at Anfield, while Manchester United lost 3:1 at Southampton.

Liverpool are now just one point adrift of Chelsea, who are level on points with them at 12, while Arsenal are just two points adrift at the top of the table.

Everton lost 2:1 to Aston Villa in the first round, and Liverpool lost 1:1 in the second round.

Swansea City won 3:2 at Stoke City in their opening game of the FA, but lost 2:-0 at home against Crystal Palace in their second game.

Southampton won 1:2 in their match against Aston, while West Ham beat Manchester City 2-5 at Old Trafford.

Southampton lost 3:-2 to Swansea in the Champions League, and Everton won 1:-0 in the Europa League.

This was the last time we saw Liverpool win all three games in a season.

We’ve also seen them score 17 goals in a single game this season, which matches the record of 17 they managed in the Premier Leagues last season.

Everton have won three of four against Swansea, and won 2-4 at Southampton, losing 1:-2 in the third round.

The last time they scored 17 goals was in May, which saw them beat Crystal Palace and Arsenal 2-6.

Stoke City also lost 2, and Swansea won 2, but West Ham won 3, and Chelsea won 2.

What is the FPL?

The Football Power Indicator is the statistic used to determine a club rank in the FootballPower Index. The