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It is the latest example of a restaurant that has successfully reinvented itself as a place where people are served food that is not made with animal products, or at least not made using animal products.

The burger chain Mcdonald’s announced its intention to use organic beef as its main source of meat in its new line of Impossible Burger burgers last year, as well as introducing the Impossible Meat Burger in the US, but its first-ever foray into the UK was the only one to actually use human meat in a restaurant.

The first Impossible Burger was launched at the Edinburgh International Food Festival in February and was greeted with much acclaim, with many praising its ingredients.

The new Impossible Burger, which is made from human meat but has no animal products or meat substitutes, was named one of the best burgers in the UK in a 2016 competition by UK-based food magazine Taste.

The Mcdonalds burger chain says it has been “proud to be a part of this transformation” and says that it will now use “all natural ingredients” to create the Impossible Burger.

McDonald’s also announced plans to open a vegan restaurant in the city’s CBD this year, but it has yet to be confirmed if this will be an expanded menu or simply a burger joint.

A spokesman for the Mcdonald of course did not respond to a request for comment.

It is unclear if the new Impossible burger will be available in the same way as the other Impossible Burger in Edinburgh.

The restaurant chain has previously released recipes for the Impossible burger including the Impossible Chicken Burger, Impossible Cheese Burger, and Impossible Chicken Taco.

But the burgers are still made from cow, chicken, egg, and pork.

There is no evidence to suggest that they are vegan, with McDonald’s chief executive officer Mark McEwan telling The Sunday Times that the burgers were “made without meat”.

In a statement on Tuesday, McEwin said the company “takes its commitment to ethical food very seriously” and has already sourced organic beef from animal welfare groups in the past.

“We have always strived to use only organic ingredients when making our food,” he said.

“Our burgers are made from all natural ingredients, including chicken, eggs, and pigs, and they are all 100 per cent grass-fed and antibiotic-free.”

The McEwans decision to use the Impossible Animal is “a milestone for the world’s first vegan burger”, the chain said.

McEwan told the Sunday Times: “It is our hope that the new vegan restaurant will offer an opportunity to people to taste the difference between a McDonald’s burger and a vegan burger and the difference that the Impossible Foods is making to our food.”

McDonalds did not confirm or deny the existence of the Impossible burgers in a statement to the Sunday Mirror.

“As part of our commitment to sourcing ethical food, we source only organic beef and vegetarian meats,” the company said.