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FourFour two’s menu is littered with items with a few that are not at all typical of what we typically associate with steak.

It’s a mix of meat, fish, vegetables and dairy, as well as some meat-heavy desserts and desserts with meat.

The dishes range from burgers and steaks to burgers and burgers with steak, to steaks and burgers, and the menu is packed with options.

“There’s something about burgers, it’s just that steak and burgers are usually pretty expensive so I’ve got a burger and a steak and a burger,” Mr Bowers said.

“I don’t want to go out and spend $100 for a steak, so if I want a steak I’ll go for $50, $60.”

But we’re not really looking to spend a fortune on burgers.

I want something with a bit more of a bang than a steak.

“The steak and lamb menu is a great place to start, with the burgers being a bit on the pricey side, but Mr Bower said he loved them as well.”

It’s nice that they’re a bit of a mix,” he said.”[And] they’ve got some good steak.

They’re cooked on a hot grill and the sauce is really good, but they’re still quite good.

“Mr Bowers says the steak menu is good for people looking for something different.”

People really like steak,” he noted.”

A lot are looking for a little more flavour and a little less protein.

“They’re looking for steak and they’re happy to pay $10 for it, but for the rest of us it’s about quality and it’s a good steak.”

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