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The real thing is a rare, hard-to-find, and sometimes hard-for-the-eye fish that is a source of pride for some fishermen.

Here’s how to fake it: 1.

Start with a good old fashioned, fish-shaped plastic container.

The first step in creating a fake chicken leg is to find one that’s flat and has a long tail.

For an alligator, you can start with a piece of plastic that has the bottom cut off and then cut off the upper half of the head and tail to create a fake tail.


The real meat is usually in a fish’s mouth.

Cut off the top of the tail and add a bit of a mouthful of fish.


Next, cut off some of the bottom of the fish’s neck and attach the rest of the body to create the tail.

This fake leg looks real but it’s really fake.

It’s called an “alligator leg.”


Finally, cut the leg off, attach the body, and seal the fake leg in place.

That’s what the fake alligator leg looks like.

The fake alligans legs are often called “meat legs” because they’re meatier than the real thing.


If you want to make your own fake alligators legs, just buy them at the store.

The only thing you have to worry about is how long the legs will last.

You don’t want to buy them that long.

You can buy fake legs for $5 a piece, or $30 for a pair.