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A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a recipe for crab meat made by a chef in Thailand.

The dish has made its way onto the restaurant menu in the United Kingdom, but it’s not exactly known to the public.

That’s partly because, according to its website, the dish is called “mater thermometrometer” because it uses a thermometer to measure temperature and a thermostat to determine humidity.

The ThermoMart spokesperson told me the dish’s origins date back to 2006, when the chef began experimenting with different methods of preparing crab meat, including immersion.

It turns out that it took a couple of years to figure out the right technique to cook the meat properly.

The recipe is one of many that chefs have come up with over the years, and it has been dubbed the “crab meat recipe.”

It’s so good, in fact, that it has spawned an entire subculture of crab lovers around the world.

It’s also, perhaps more importantly, a culinary achievement.

“The dish has been called the ‘crab thermometer’ because it’s a combination of a thermometric scale and a thermometers,” chef and author Michael McGlone told me.

“There are many recipes for crab thermometers that have been around for years, but I think this one is the first that uses a real thermometer and a real thermostatic device to measure the temperature and humidity.”

There are two types of crab thermometer.

The one used in Thailand, the ThermoThermometer, is a simple thermometer with a large circle in the middle.

The smaller ThermoServ, on the other hand, uses a larger, circular-shaped device.

A ThermoMax, a more advanced, more expensive, and more complicated thermometer can measure temperature, humidity, and pressure.

It also has a built-in battery that can last for several months.

When you buy a ThermoMeat from a reputable restaurant, it should come with a ThermServ or ThermoMAX, but the actual thermometer you’re buying should be the one with the two-sided probe on it.

It has the ability to measure heat, humidity and pressure, as well as the temperature at which the meat is cooked.

It takes a little bit of work to get a ThermosMeat to work, but when you’re done, you can either pour the crab meat out into a serving dish or heat the broth in the microwave.

“You’ll see it’s like a little steamy dish with a little browning,” McGlones said.

“It’s really the perfect crab meat for you, because it really is like a real crab.

And that’s why it’s called the crab thermometre.”

The recipe makes enough for four servings, but you could double the recipe for a larger group.

You can buy the crab at your local Asian market or online.

McGlores, who has been writing about the culinary world since 1999, has a book on the topic, The Perfect Crab: The True Story of How The Perfect Cooking Can Be Made, coming out next year.

He says the crab has become such a part of the Asian culinary landscape that his favorite restaurants have started to cater to it.

“They call it the crab dish, because they have crabs in there, and they have a little salad on the side,” Mcglones said, “and it’s just really delicious.”

The recipes can be found at a number of websites, including, ThermoCoffeeTherm, and

They’re also found on Amazon, where the recipe can be purchased for around $5.

It seems the dish has spread beyond Asia, with other recipes popping up on blogs, websites, and even in the American grocery stores.

Some of the most popular recipes include the following: the classic Thai dish with green peas and onions, a variation called the Thai Chicken Salad, and the “Chicken & Dumplings” recipe from the Food Network.

The latter has become so popular that a number stores in the U.S. are selling it on their shelves for a buck or two a piece.

“If you’re a regular customer of the store, they’ll have it on the shelves in a few months,” McGrone said.

And if you’re one of those people who can’t stand the smell of crab meat on the table, the recipe is perfect for you.

“That’s one of the reasons why I said that’s probably one of my favorite recipes, because of the aroma,” McGones said with a laugh.

“Because if you want to smell it, you don’t want to buy it from a store.

You just want to eat it.

That kind of thing.”

If you’re looking for a new way to eat crab, I would recommend trying this dish at home.

The recipes make enough for two people to share, and you’ll also want to try the