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It’s the meat that makes the pork sausage, and the souse is made with it.

But it’s a tricky one.

If you want to make a sausage that’s tender, fluffy and delicious, you’re going to need to buy pork sausage that’s been cut into thick, juicy strips.

That’s where souse comes in.

This week, the BBC Food Service team asked chef David Thompson of the Souse Restaurant in London to show them how to make their own.

“We got the sausage on the back of a lorry and we cooked it in a large pot on the bonfire for about five hours and it was tender,” Thompson told us.

“The next day we put it in the fridge for another 10 minutes and then the next day it was ready to be cut into strips.”

Souse sausage is a meaty pork sausage.

It’s made with pork sausage and onion.

(David Thompson)Thompson says that he and his team, made up of a chef, a butcher, two dishwashers, two meat slicers, and a meat-chopper, then made the strips by hand in the back yard of his house.

The strips were then wrapped and baked in the oven for about two hours, until the meat was tender.

Souse is one of the most popular foods in Britain, says Thompson, and he hopes that the new recipe will spread throughout the country.

“It’s not like sous vide cooking,” he said.

“We’re making it with a very simple process.

It takes the best ingredients, it takes care of the environment and it’s environmentally friendly.”

He adds that souse can be used for a wide range of dishes, from sautéing chicken, to making soup for a family meal, to sautétating fish for sashimi.

“Sous vide sausages are the most commonly used sausaged meat in Europe, but they’re still not the best,” he says.

“It’s a tough animal to cut.

The best cuts of souse are the thin, juicy ones, like the thin strips of bacon that we cut into the meat.”

For more information on how to prepare souse, and to find out how to cook your own, check out the video below.