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McDonald’s has announced that it is pulling its beef and pork from grocery stores in 20 states and will start selling it online.

The move follows a nationwide recall earlier this year of some meat products from its supply chain.

The decision to close its supply chains comes as McDonald’s grapples with the rising popularity of meatless diets, which can have health and environmental implications.

In November, a New York City-based meat supplier filed a class action lawsuit against the fast-food chain alleging the company violated federal food safety rules when it offered meatless meals in more than half of its stores.

The company is now taking the lead in the fight against meatless eating.

“McDonald’s is working with leading companies in the meat industry to develop new, innovative solutions to address the rising demand for and consumption of meat-free alternatives to conventional meat,” McDonald’s said in a statement.

“We have always been committed to providing our customers with high-quality meat, and this decision was based on our commitment to quality and customer experience.

We will continue to work with leading food and beverage companies to develop innovative solutions that will address the growing demand for meat-based products.”

McDonald’s stock has gained about 40% this year as the company has sought to diversify its supply.