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A little over two weeks ago, Taco Bell’s new Halal meat tenderizer is released in the United States, a move that the company says is to “give our customers the peace of mind” that “all ingredients used in our food and products are halal”.

It’s a move we’re all keen to see Taco Bell follow, because there are a number of reasons why it’s so important to be 100% Halal.

If it was just a simple change to how we think about meat, why should Taco Bell even have to be on the Halala list?

Because Taco Bell is a brand with a huge following in the US.

It has been for decades.

Taco Bell is the most visited fast food chain in the country.

The company is valued at more than $40 billion, and it is one of the biggest players in the world of fast food.

For the past 20 years, Taco, along with McDonald’s and Burger King, has been on a mission to create a culture that is welcoming of all religions, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.

“The new Taco Bell product is a symbol of that commitment to the American way of life, and of our commitment to halal and vegetarian food,” Taco Bell said in a statement.

A new halal product means Taco Bell won’t be forced to remove the word “meat” from its menu any time soon, which is one reason why the company has been so keen to get people to notice the change.

There’s also the fact that Taco Bell has been known for their Halal food for a long time.

After Taco Bell introduced the Taco Bell Beef Stroganoff, a dish that included beef stroganoff that was halal, the company went on to introduce other halal-friendly food items, including the Taco King Chicken Noodle Bowl and the Taco Chicken Sandwich.

While the meat tenderizers have made their way to the US and other countries, it’s still a little unclear what the halal food chain is going to look like.

Why are people so keen on changing it?

There are two main reasons for people to be keen on it: because it’s a great example of what a great food company can do for the halala community, and because it means Taco is taking a stand against discrimination in our country.

The first reason is that Taco is a huge, global brand, which has a huge amount of reach in the U.S. It is also a brand that is very well-liked, and there are many people who would like to see the Taco brand be taken up by a more diverse and inclusive halal group.

This has led many in the Muslim community to see this as an opportunity for the company to take a stand on this issue.

But it is not just Muslims who are keen on this change.

There are a variety of people across the globe who are also keen on the change, including people from the LGBT community, the disabled community, religious minorities, and many more.

According to the World Values Survey, which was launched in 2015, there were a number who were willing to say they were “more likely” to be tolerant of halal or vegetarian food if it was on the menu.

These people include the president of the United Kingdom, Prime Minister of India, and the leader of the largest Muslim organisation in the Middle East.

What do the halals have to do with Halal?

There is no question that many of the ingredients used to make Taco Bells meat tenderizes are halals.

The Taco Bell brand is famous for its spicy, meaty sauces.

So, if Taco Bell can be a champion for this cause, why is it taking a big step back?

It all starts with the fact the food chain itself.

Taco Bell doesn’t want to offend the Muslim communities in the USA.

They are not going to change the name of their product, nor will they change the packaging of their food, because they want to make sure everyone is eating what they believe is halal.

If they want the world to know they are committed to Halal foods, they need to be bold and stand up for their values.

In a statement, Taco says it has “always strived to offer authentic Mexican cuisine, from scratch, in our restaurants and at our stores”.

“We believe in our commitment as a brand to make food that is delicious, authentic, and affordable to consumers in the communities we serve,” Taco said.

“We believe it’s important to stand by our commitment.”