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A new guide to the city’s dining scene offers a list of the best local restaurants to eat at.

In its fifth edition, The Eater Guide includes the names, hours, prices and locations of over 2,600 restaurants across Bloomington.

The book includes the list’s menu of “most popular restaurants” and a list that includes some of the most popular restaurants across the city.

Read the full guide hereThe list is divided into two parts: the dining section and the drink section.

In the dining sections, restaurants feature a “menu” section where you can view and order a meal.

The drink section focuses on cocktails and cocktails specials.

The restaurant sections offer more information and a map of the city, but also offers detailed information on prices, locations, hours and the list of restaurants in the area.

The Eater Guide also has a list for local craft beer.

It’s a great resource to know what you can expect when you visit Bloomington and to plan out a meal if you’re in the city for a special event.

The book also includes tips on where to go for a drink, such as bars and restaurants near downtown, and a guide for how to plan a great brunch.

Check out the full list here.