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It’s the latest in a string of attacks on the global gyromeat industry, but it’s also an indication that meat processing plants can be a serious problem.

A number of major meat processors, such as KFC, McDonald’s and Carl’s Jr, are facing investigations by regulators in Europe, where the industry is growing.

In a report published last year, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) said that the industry had grown from about 12 million tonnes in 2010 to almost 200 million tonnes last year.

“It is the worst thing in the world to be in the gyro industry,” said Dr David Woll, the chief executive of the European Meat Institute, in a statement.

“There is nothing else that you can say about the whole process of gyros that is more difficult, more risky and more expensive.”

The quality of the meat that goes into gyros is very, very poor.

“They are not the quality of chicken you would buy at the supermarket, and they are not what you would get at the butcher shop.”

A spokesperson for Carl’s said: “We are aware of the EFSA report and have taken steps to address issues that are reported to the agency.”

Our customers can trust us to produce the best possible product for them and we have taken significant measures to improve our processes.

“However, many critics say the industry needs to improve its own standards to protect its customers.

Dr Matthew Wigglesworth, professor of food safety at the University of Southampton, said the industry was “fraudulently claiming” that its processes were safe and that consumers should be buying products with higher quality ingredients.”

This is a huge problem, it’s really concerning,” he said.”

In some ways the industry itself is just being dishonest, because there’s no way they can be safe.

“He said it was an issue of standards that had been set too high for a number of reasons.”

What we’re seeing is that some of the practices are actually quite dangerous,” he told the ABC.”

If you’re in a supermarket you should be aware of this, you should ask for the freshest product that you’re buying.

“I think the meat industry in particular needs to be very careful and look at the ingredients and the processing of meat to make sure that they’re safe and sound.”

It is estimated that a typical home kitchen has about 100 tonnes of meat products to cook, according to the Food Standards Agency.

“Some of those ingredients have been adulterated, which has led to food poisoning and death,” said Woll.

“It’s not just food, it has also killed people.”

We’re just seeing this kind of thing happening in Europe and it’s a problem that we need to address.

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