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By Kate Burchill WALTONS meat, a classic British burger staple, is getting a much-needed upgrade.

The British burger giant has introduced a new burger that looks and tastes like a real burger, but can be made into vegan burgers.

It’s the company’s first foray into the vegan burger market.

“Waltons Meat is excited to announce that its first vegan burger is on the menu, bringing together the classic American, Scottish and British patty for the first time,” the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Walties meat is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a meatless option, with the classic meat flavour and texture.”

A vegan burger may seem like a logical extension of the popular burgers that are currently popular in the UK, but it is not.

The burger is made from a mixture of meat and egg whites, and contains no milk or milk substitutes.

The main ingredient in the burger is wheat protein, a protein that is usually added to the meat as a source of protein.

Walthamstow-based Walthams, which is owned by the Walthamp family, launched a vegan burger in the US in 2018.

Waltons says the burger has been a hit, with customers ordering it almost every day.

The burger is available at Walthamps main UK outlet, The Burger Shop, and will be available nationwide starting next week.

The new vegan burger, which will be sold as a limited-time offer, comes with the option of adding a Vegemite vegan cheese to the burger for an extra £2.99.

Vegemite is a soy-based condiment which, when combined with a burger patty, provides a more tender burger, and is available in various flavours.

According to Walthoms website, Vegemites burgers are sold in limited quantities and are also available in “a limited number of other Walthalls restaurants, including The Big Smoke, and Walthans, in the future.”

The burgers are made from Wagyu beef, sourced from Wagashires farm in New Zealand, which Walths meat has long used in the production of its burgers.

As well as the new vegan burgers, Walthons is also working on new products, including vegan cheese and vegan bread, as well as launching a new range of burgers with vegan sauces.

While Walthomsts burger is a good start, there are other vegan burgers in the pipeline.

In 2018, Wylie launched its first new vegan sandwich in over a decade.

It is available as a single-serve burger, or a sandwich-sized one.

Wylie said the sandwich was based on the iconic American burger, with a vegan cheese added to it.

The company said the sandwiches would be available in the near future.

A couple of years ago, Wylfie announced it was launching its own vegan burger brand, as part of its expansion into the UK market.

Wylies veggie burgers are available at its London and Birmingham stores, and at other outlets around the UK.