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Kerala has a lot of street foods that can be eaten at home.

This is one of the reasons why we have a strong following among the masses and people like the local TV host and restaurateur N.V. Vittal who said, “People love street food.

They enjoy it in a way that they can actually enjoy the food themselves.”

The new street food craze in Kerala is known as street meat.

It’s a meat-free food that is served at home with a lot more vegetables and spices.

Some people say it’s a little like the new street meat in Thailand, but we have no idea what the difference is.

Some even claim it is the new kabobs.

Street meat is made by cooking the meat of a cow and adding other ingredients like salt, vinegar, garlic and a handful of spices.

The process takes around 15-20 minutes and you can eat it as a traditional dish, but it’s also available at restaurants as street food in restaurants.

It is made in Kerala and it is very popular with locals, especially women.

The meat is usually cooked in a large pot or even a small oven with a lid.

The cooked meat is then heated in a frying pan with some water and spices and served with naan, bread, rice and even chapatis.

We also have street meat parathas in the state, which is usually made in the morning.

However, this one is usually served as an after dinner meal.

It usually costs more than regular street meat, but the quality of the ingredients is better.

The recipe for street meat varies from one place to another and it also varies from restaurant to restaurant.

But the main ingredients are ground beef, ground chicken, ground ginger, minced onions and tomatoes.

The cooking process takes about 10-15 minutes and it tastes very similar to street meat cooked in an oven.

It has been popular in the city for some time and is popular because it’s low in fat and has no additives.

It also looks like street meat because it has a soft, fluffy texture.

It looks like a piece of meat when you look at it.

Some restaurants have also started selling street meat by the kilo.

However most people like street food are not big fans of kilo beef.

We do not like kilo meat and prefer the texture of beef.

Some restaurants have started selling kilo street meat at a higher price.

A kilo is about 20-25 per cent cheaper than regular beef.

The price depends on the amount of beef, which can range from one kilo to several kilos.

However it is also cheaper to buy beef at home, which in many parts of the country is much cheaper.

The meat is also more popular because the cooking time is shorter and it’s served with rice.

The other part of street meat that is popular is naan.

The naan is served with bread, a simple mixture of flour, salt and a few spices.

This naan comes in different shapes and sizes and it can be cut into small pieces.

The texture is quite soft.

It comes in a variety of flavours including sweet, sour and savoury.

The traditional recipe for naan in Kerala uses the meat that was left behind from the butcher’s shop.

It contains ground meat and the cooking process is quite different from the street meat served in restaurants, which comes in large pieces.

We think it is a good dish for those who want to eat street food, especially for those in the rural areas.

But it does not taste like the street food we see in Thailand.

The street meat we have in our house is a bit different from street meat from Bangkok, which has a different flavor.

We have cooked this meat with rice and it looks and tastes quite different.

The main thing is the spices used.

It can also be served with chapatis, naan and other vegetarian food.

We prefer to serve street meat with bread because we are using bread that has been specially prepared.

But we are not sure if this is the best way to serve it.