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New Zealand’s McDonalds is in the middle of a nationwide recall after tests showed traces of duma meat were found in some of its hamburgers and salads.

The food chain says it is taking the matter very seriously.

“The vast majority of our customers and franchisees have never tasted duma or any other duma product and are taking all steps necessary to ensure that this does not happen again,” a McDonalds spokesman said.

New Zealanders have been alerted to duma meats since January this year, and the company said that its food and drink products were no longer being tested for duma.

McDonalds has already halted sales of its chicken nuggets in Australia and New Zealand.

Earlier this month, the company recalled some chicken nugget items in the United States after testing positive for dura meat.

However, McDonalds has since said that the recall was only for a small percentage of its menu items. ABC/wires