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Lump crab is a popular ingredient in a variety of crab dishes, from crab rolls to crawfish, and is one of the most popular meat in Australia.

There are three major varieties of crab meat, each with their own distinctive flavour.

It can be found in fresh, frozen and smoked crab.

Here’s a look at the key flavours of each type of crab.


Fresh crab meat The most common type of lump crab, fresh crabs are often the first choice for the main course at your dinner party.

But if you’re looking for a different type of crustacean to add to your meal, you might like to try this.

These crabs are usually fresh, as opposed to frozen.

They are lighter in weight and can be eaten raw or cooked.

The best way to get them is by visiting a port or fishing dock near the beach and getting a load of them.

It’s also good to check the availability of crabs at the crab shops and grocery stores as they often stock the freshest, freshest crabs available.

If you are looking for the best lump crab recipes, check out this post on the Best New Crab Recipes.


Frozen crab meat There are several types of frozen crab meat available, including dried crab, white crab and crab meat.

These are often used in Chinese food, as they are usually smaller and more delicate.

The flavour of the crab meat is different from the meat of the fresh crab.

They have a slightly sweeter taste to them, but they are also more tender.

The frozen crab can be frozen for up to two months, but the dried crab can last for five months.


Freshly ground crab meat Fresh crabs are sometimes used in the Chinese version of Chinese food called “Baojing” (pronounced “boo-jang”).

They are similar to Chinese steamed buns, and they are often served in a wok or pot.

They can be prepared as is or with added flavourings.

They look similar to dried crab meat and are often eaten fresh, either raw or grilled.

The most popular recipe for fresh crab is to use dried crab or beef and crabmeat and vegetables as the main ingredients, but this can also be made with other ingredients.


White crab meat White crab has a distinct taste, and it can be used in various dishes including burgers and burgers, or as a filling for a salad.

It is generally considered to be a more nutritious food than crab meat due to its higher protein content.

The more fatty the crab, the more calories it will provide.


Crabs that are smoked This type of meat is smoked or ground, and contains a small amount of oil to aid in cooking.

It comes from the wild crab, and has a unique taste.

The taste of the meat is similar to fresh crab meat but has a darker, meatier taste.


Crab meat that is fried The fried type of crabs are generally used in hot and spicy foods such as chicken, fish, steak, shrimp and fish tacos.

They will also be used as a main ingredient in baked goods, soups and desserts.

Some brands of crab can also include ingredients such as ground shrimp, sesame seeds and onions.

The type of sauce used to cook it will also have a unique flavour.

The fat content of the fried crabs varies, and the amount of fat varies from brand to brand.

This is a good way to ensure you are getting the best possible crab meat at a reasonable price.


Fresh or frozen crab that is marinated Fresh or Frozen crab is usually marinated with some sort of seasoning.

This will help to give the crab a unique and fresh taste.

It should be marinated for one to two weeks before cooking, but will be cooked for up the same amount of time.


Crab meat that has been steamed Crabs can be steamed for up a week or longer.

They need to be kept cool, but should not be allowed to sit for too long.

The steam will increase the flavour and help to soften the crab.


Crackers Crackers are commonly used to fill breads and sandwiches.

They taste like crackers, but with a sweet and tangy flavour.

They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can also contain dried ingredients such the shellfish.


Crustaceans Crustacea are crabs that have been sliced and cooked in a mould.

The mould can be made of either a dough or a dry sponge, and then the crab will be steaming in it, creating a thick crust.


Crab recipes and recipes for other crustaceans The crustacea is often referred to as “meat”.

There are different types of crab, such as live crabs, crustaceas and other types.

There is also a difference in the flavours of the crustaceats.

There can be up to 10 types of crustacea.

This includes freshwater crabs, sea crustacelets, deep sea crabs and some species of