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Chicken and turkey dinners are often considered the perfect comfort food for those on the go.

And, they’re a delicious way to add a little spice to your meal.

With that in mind, you can make chicken meals at your house and have them ready for the day.

Here’s how.1.

Find a grocery store with good chicken and turkeys, like a Whole Foods or Target store.2.

Place a bunch of chicken breasts on the counter and a few pieces of turkey on a tray.3.

Cook the chicken and add the veggies, including onions, carrots, and celery, to the broth.4.

Add a few tablespoons of white wine and some water to the soup.5.

Add the cooked chicken and the rest of the ingredients to the bowls and top with a dollop of cilantro.6.

Serve the meal with rice or pasta.7.

Serve it over rice or noodles.8.

Serve with roasted chicken or other vegetables.9.

Serve over couscous.10.

Serve at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

This recipe makes one large, 4-quart chicken and a turkey dinner.

But you can also make this for two or three.

For a four-quart dinner, you’ll need:1.

4-inch chicken breasts, trimmed and cut into strips.2