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More than 1,300 products from Australia’s largest meat processor are available online in Australia, including pork, pork, lamb and beef, according to a survey.

“Pork and beef meat is often sold at the lower end of the price spectrum, with prices starting at around $10,” the survey, which was carried out by Food Trends, found.

“In the last six months we have been doing a lot of market research on Australian retail outlets, and found that Australian retailers are the biggest source of Australian pork, including most of the Australian pork markets.”

It is a similar story in beef.

A quarter of beef sales are sold online, with the average price at $11.95 per 100kg.

However, only 1 per cent of Australian beef is sold in Australian supermarkets, with only 1.2 per cent being sold in beef supermarkets.

Food Trends surveyed a range of Australian retailers, including Meatwise, Australian Beef and Woolworths, and the Australian Pork Board.

It found that the major Australian meat processors include Cargill, Wagga Wagga, Cargil, Rangoon Farms, RBC, Burtons, Murray Goulburn, and J&J.

Meatwise, Australia’s biggest online retailer, was one of the largest providers of Australian meat products.

It said in a statement that it was a global food processor that supplies more than 50 per cent in Australia and around 80 per cent overseas.

“Our customers across the country are proud of the products we supply and the quality of our products,” it said.

“We are proud to have an established relationship with some of the world’s leading pork producers, as well as our customers in Australia.

We have established a partnership with some leading Australian suppliers of meat and beef products.”

Wagga Waggadgets said the survey found “that Australian pork market is one of, if not the biggest in the world”.

“The pork market in Australia is currently one of our largest markets, and we believe our products will be a good complement to our Australian pork offerings,” the statement said.

The survey was carried in conjunction with the World Pork Council, which is part of the Meat Institute of Australia.