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An Edmonton woman has created a taco meat, a delicacy made with ground beef and corn, that tastes like meat but is made from taco meat.

“It’s the perfect recipe to get tacos,” said Wendy Leppin.

Leppinto started making tacos in the fall of 2014.

She said she made them for her daughter, who is a big fan of taco meat and would go on to eat them in restaurants.

“I just love that they taste like meat,” she said.

The recipe includes ground beef, corn, salt, pepper and spices.

“You can add your favorite toppings and it’s really delicious,” she added.

“She just loves it.”

Leppinkin said the taco meat is a great option for people who don’t want to eat all the other taco options, like pinto beans, corn tortillas or ground beef.

“They taste great.

I’m going to make them again, I promise,” she joked.

Leppa said her family is also making tacos.

“We’ve made a few.

And it’s always a good one, because it’s a little different,” she noted.

“A little bit more spicy.

A little bit of something different, because you can’t get all the flavor from the taco itself.”

Leppa, who works as a health educator, said the recipes she makes are not cheap.

“The cost of it, you know, the cost of a meal in Edmonton, is about $10 to $15.

So that’s $10.00, you can get tacos here in Edmonton and that’s not too bad,” she explained.

“But it’s all for your own family, so it’s worth it.”

The restaurant, Leppa’s Tacos, is opening soon in the city’s new neighbourhood, the Lowertown neighbourhood, where they plan to offer taco meat to customers.

The restaurant is also looking to expand to other Edmonton neighbourhoods.