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Flap meat, the meat substitutes of choice for some meat eaters, are made by melting and baking meat on a pan until it becomes a soft and fluffy, meaty paste.

But unlike most meat substitutes, flap meat is not made from meat.

Instead, it’s made from a substance called a protein called whey.

The protein is separated from the meat and then heated in a dry oven for several hours to break down any proteins that remain.

This process can also lead to the creation of an oily product, but the main ingredient is meat.

In fact, meat itself does not make flap meat.

The proteins are made from the fats and oils found in the skin of a cow, goat, or sheep, and are then heated to form the texture of the meat.

When cooked, the fats are converted to the proteins, which are then processed by the body.

A few flap meats are available, and you can find them in your local meat market.

The process involves using a paste made from wheat flour, egg, and water to make a paste.

When the paste is heated in the oven, it releases some of the whey protein, but it’s still very soft and flaky.

The final product is a paste that is just slightly thick, with a light coating of meat.

It’s an easy way to substitute for meats in your diet, but for some people, the extra fat is a bonus.

Why flap meat?

A lot of flap meat has been used in cooking, and it’s often a cheaper option than the more expensive substitutes.

There are also people who prefer the extra protein and are willing to pay more for it, which means that flap meat prices are up to about 50 percent higher than regular meat substitutes.

You can purchase the flap meat from your local grocery store or online.

It may be cheaper than meat from the animal, but there’s a chance that the meat you buy will have added fat and protein.

This is why you might see some people complaining about the price tag on a flap meat item.