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What it does: This video is part of the Shark Meat Market’s Shark Meat Challenge, in which participants are challenged to make shark meat using only their own skin.

The challenge has also inspired a brand new series of videos on the subject.

What it is: Shrimp and fish are the most common ingredients in shark meat, which is made by removing the flesh and bones of the shark.

Shark meat has been known to contain traces of toxins such as mercury and arsenic, but the levels in the US are still relatively low.

What the science says: This is not a healthy or nutritious food for humans.

It contains large amounts of saturated fats, cholesterol and saturated sugar.

The US Food and Drug Administration has classified shark meat as “unsafe”.

Why it matters: Shark meat is often served as an appetiser at dinner parties and is used to make “chicken liver” and “turkey liver” in Asian restaurants.

The skin and bones are usually cut into small pieces and the flesh is then heated in a frying pan until it is a rich, thick, paste, then cooked in water and deep-fried.

It can also be eaten raw.

What to know: The US government has classified the shark meat industry as a trade secret.

However, a petition calling on the FDA to ban shark meat has gathered more than 5 million signatures.

Where to find it: In the US, restaurants are required to serve shark meat in the same manner as any other meat, except that customers must ask for the skin and be told the price.