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A German court has decided whether or no meat from the United States can be labeled as “American-grown”.

The ruling by the court of appeal in Frankfurt, Germany comes on the heels of a US case in which meat from Wisconsin was labelled as “German-grown” after it was caught in a customs scanner.

“This case has been brought on the grounds that meat from this country can be imported and labelled as German-grown,” said judge Andreas Schulz.

The court ruling is the first time a US court has looked at the issue, and comes as the US Congress prepares to consider a bill to ban US beef imports.

The German meat industry has long been criticized for selling products from foreign countries that are often labelled as imported.

It is the second time a German court have ruled against labeling meat from US sources.

In the case of an Italian-made steak, which was sold at a local restaurant in Germany, it was found to be imported, with a German judge saying it had to be labeled.

The US case has brought a global backlash from animal rights groups, who have been pressing for a US ban on US meat imports.

In Germany, the government has been lobbying to ban the importation of meat from all countries that it considers to be the worst offenders in animal abuse, such as China, India and Vietnam.