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A new twist on a classic Mexican recipe: bolognese.

With meatballs that are a mix of beef and beef broth, bolognini are a delicious way to add protein to your meal.

If you’re looking for a quick meal, the meatballs are a great way to replace a meatloaf or a lasagna dish.

The idea for this meatball recipe comes from a family friend of mine, who has a lot of beef broth leftover from a trip to Mexico.

The recipe he shared on Facebook was very easy to make and the result was delicious.

It’s not the most filling meatballs I’ve ever had, but it’s very easy and you can always make more.

If your meatballs aren’t thick enough, you can just make extra.

If you’re making them as a side dish, make sure to add some onions and mushrooms.

The broth adds a lot to the flavor.

I added a few sprigs of thyme to make it a bit more herbal.

You can also make your meatball sauce ahead of time and then freeze it for later.

If the meatball soup is too thick, just use the same liquid from the meatloaves.

If it’s too thin, you could just use water from the cooking pot.

You can use the leftover broth for other things.

To make your bologne, boil beef broth for about 15 minutes in a saucepan until the water starts to boil.

Add some salt and pepper and cook for about a minute more.

Add a few drops of lime juice to the beef broth and stir.

Add in some shredded cheese and cook until it starts to melt.

You’ll be ready to serve immediately. 

You can make your broth ahead of your time, so it will stay refrigerated longer.

Or, you might even use the cooking liquid to make a meatball broth.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to store your meatloaks in the freezer for at least two months.