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A Dublin restaurant is opening its doors for the first time on Thursday after more than a decade of operation.

Stoney & Sons will serve food from three Irish restaurants and a bar and offers a range of Irish drinks.

The restaurant will be open for dinner and brunch on Thursday and Friday.

Owner and chef Martin Stoney said he felt fortunate to be able to open on its own and it had to be a unique experience for everyone to enjoy.

“I think that’s why we’re opening on its first day,” he said.

“The Irish people love us.

We’re Irish-American, but we’re a family-owned business.”

We have been working on this for the last eight years and it’s a huge win for us and the Irish people.

“Stoney & Son, which opened in December 2011, is situated on a corner of Kilburn Street and Kilburn Road in Dublin’s south inner city.

The menu will include a range the food from its four Irish restaurants, including Stoney Stoney BBQ and The Irish BBQ.

There will be a range for lunch and dinner from The Irish Barbecue, which has become an institution for Stoney, while there will also be a selection for a lunch time drink menu.

The dining room is in a renovated brick building and is available for hire for €8 per hour.

The staff is trained in how to serve food, so the restaurant will have its own bar, a wine bar, and bar-style service.

The bar, with a full bar and kitchen, is the main focus of the restaurant.

It is located in the basement of the building.

Stoney said the staff will have to learn the Irish language to be effective at the restaurant, but he is hoping to make it accessible to the general public.”

They will have the opportunity to sit down with the manager, but also be able come in and learn the culture of the place, and learn about the history and the people and the history of the business,” he explained.

Steverys owners aim to open a restaurant in the capital within the next few years.

He said the restaurant is a tribute to the people of Dublin.”

It’s an incredibly big city and Dublin has always been a great place to live,” he added.”

There’s a lot of history and culture here, and I think it’s really important to have people come here and experience it for themselves.

“The Stoney family opened the Stoney Bros restaurant in 2001.

They have been in business since the mid-1980s.

The Irish Times contacted Stoney Brothers for comment, but did not receive a response.