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Vegan Meat Therms has unveiled its latest addition to its lineup of products, the Digital Meat Thermonometer.

The digital meat thermometers can be used to monitor the nutritional values of meat, eggs, dairy products, and more, all of which are produced by the Australian based company.

The new product will also come with a vegan meat thermogram, which allows you to record the temperature of the meat and any other nutrients, and the time it took for the meat to reach the desired temperature.

The Digital Meat thermometer comes with a wide range of options and is currently available in four different flavours, including chocolate, coffee, coconut, and vanilla.

The product also comes with three different colour options, red, white, and pink, which can be customized using a slider.

The unit will be priced at $99.99 and has a free 30-day trial, while the free 30 days trial will be available for a limited time.

The company also announced a new vegan-friendly app to be released soon, which will be able to track nutritional information on the device, and will be fully compatible with its other products.

The app will also include the ability to save data, which is also being offered to its users for free.

The main feature of the app is to upload your own data, and when you do, the app will save the results and your own food information in the app.

The Vegan Meat thermometers are not only the latest addition of the company, but they also represent a significant change for the company in terms of technology.

The original Digital Meat thermos had a touchscreen display and were also available in white, blue, pink, and green colours.

The latest incarnation of the Thermonometers comes in the new Vegan Meat colour and is now available for purchase at Amazon.

A limited edition of the Digital meat thermograph will be offered at Amazon for $49.99, while a digital meat bar will also be available from Amazon for just $24.99.