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California lawmaker is facing backlash after calling for the state to “put dead meat grinders in our grocery stores.”

State Rep. Scott Peters, R-Cape Cod, tweeted Thursday that “dead meat grinders” were a “fad” and “deadly weapon” for “those who want to kill” Americans.

“If we want to save lives we need to put dead meat grinders in our supermarkets.

We need to make it illegal to kill in America.

Dead meat grindings are a dangerous weapon,” he wrote.

Peters, who was the third-ranking Democrat in the California legislature, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In a tweet Friday, the Republican lawmaker suggested that he was “trying to find out if you are dead or alive” to “get a feel for whether you are a true American or not.”

“You are probably not dead.

You probably are not a true citizen,” Peters wrote.

“But I have a feeling you are not an American.”

Peters’ tweet came days after he said that “a lot of Americans” do not believe in the concept of human rights and have been “silent about” the fact that “millions of Americans are dead.”

In a series of tweets Friday, Peters called for a state-wide “food stamp program” to allow Americans to buy food that was donated by dead animals.

“We can save lives by making food stamps available to all who need it,” he said.

“The food stamp program would enable food to be distributed to millions of people, not just a handful of people.

People who are not able to access the food stamps program, such as the poor, people with disabilities, seniors, and people with severe mental health issues, would be eligible for food stamps.

Food stamp recipients would be able to obtain free or low-cost meals through the program.

The program would also provide assistance to families who cannot afford to pay for their own meals and food.”

The California Food Bank, which represents the food pantry, said in a statement that it “does not support any effort that would allow people to go without food for extended periods of time.”

California has already banned the sale of meat from animals in the last three years.

The law went into effect in November of this year, and it has led to a spike in demand for “dead carcasses” and meat products that are shipped to California, where there are many more meat processing plants than anywhere else in the country.