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Drones are still in the minds of many people, but in a few key markets, the focus is shifting to robots.

As the technology improves, the price tag for an autonomous drone is expected to go down dramatically, making them the hot tech companies of the future.

With that in mind, TechRadars Top 10 hottest new companies list has been released.


Robot Factory The robot factory revolution began in the US, with the release of the company’s Robo-Doll in 2016.

A fully autonomous, self-driving robotic doll is now available on the market, but its main feature is the ability to walk on a treadmill or run on the treadmill.

The company is planning to release two additional robots for the market in the near future.


Smartphone maker Apple announced its iPhone X, which is expected in the second half of 2018.

This year, the iPhone X is expected for a price tag of $1,399.

However, the company is currently planning to launch the iPhone 8, which will reportedly have a similar price tag as the iPhone 9.

The phone will also be available for $199.

This is expected from the start of the third quarter of 2018 to be priced at $399.


Next-generation solar power technology is set to become the new hottest tech.

Solar panels are expected to be available on a range of devices, ranging from solar panels to electric cars.

However in 2018, the solar panels will only be available at home.

There will also no solar panels available at a gas station or a grocery store.


The new smartphone is expected with a price of $200 or less.


The smartphone giant is set for the launch of the Galaxy S8 smartphone in 2018.

Samsung is planning a launch in March for the Galaxy 8, as the company has already unveiled the Galaxy Note8.


A number of startups are now working on the smart home.

These include Nest, HomeAway, and SmartThings.


The next generation of wearable computing technology is expected later this year.

In 2018, companies will start shipping smartwatches that will be capable of recording video and using it to interact with the world around them.


Google’s self-flying prototype plane has made it to the ground and will soon be used to test its autonomous flight capabilities.


Samsung has started working on its next smartphone.

This company will launch its Galaxy S9 smartphone in 2019.


The wearable computing company is now planning to unveil its Gear VR headset in 2019 for $399 US.