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Hacker News user katty_paul wrote: I have this idea about an awesome cheese sandwich that you can buy at your local deli with loose meat.

It’s awesome.

I’m pretty sure you guys have one too.

I bet you could get that same cheese sandwich at McDonalds, right?

Well, not necessarily, according to the owner of the new burger chain, Google Meat.

“I would love to make a beef burger with cheese and a bit of a cheese sauce,” said Kevin Lee, the founder of Google Meat, on his company’s blog.

“But we’re also working on a beef and bacon burger, and then a bacon and grilled cheese burger.”

You could probably also make a sandwich out of that.

The first Google Meat burger will be available in stores and on Google’s website in August.

Lee, who owns a sandwich shop in New Jersey, said he thinks Google Meat’s new burgers will be popular with the public.

“Our meat is fresher than most other meat brands out there, and the flavor profile of the cheese and the beef make it taste really good,” he said.

“The idea is to make something that people will eat and not be afraid to buy.”

You can watch a video of Lee and his team showing off the new burgers on YouTube.

The new burger features the same “cheese” as its predecessor, but Lee said Google Meat decided to keep the beef and cheese a secret until now.

He said the company will announce the meat-less version of the burger in the next few weeks.

“When I saw that it was the original Google Meat Burger, I just knew I was in for a treat,” he wrote.

The Google Meat Facebook page had a similar post.

The burger is also on Lee’s website.

You can check out the video of the burgers below: